We are all aware of our ever-increasing need to ensure that everything we do is sustainable and kind to the environment.

At MOE, we want to share a small piece of our passion with you through the supplies of educational resources and learning materials to promote early outdoor education. We do so in a sustainable way that has a low impact upon the environment and promotes educating children, families and teachers to live an eco-friendly life style.

Our green operation is an extension of our passions. As a whole business, we have implemented the following initiatives:

  • We only source products that are designed with an emphasis on teaching children and families about the environment in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.
  • Timber is the most sustainable building material available, benefiting from low embedded energy. Timber is a renewable resource, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable. This means using materials that are closest to their natural state. Timber can also be re-used or reduced to wood chip for other building products.
  • We work with companies that recycle and reuse timber off cuts and production waste.
  • All timber are FSC accredited which ensures that it is harvested only from sustainable sources.
  • Where applicable we use low energy lighting and ozone friendly materials.
  • We collaborate with companies that only use non-toxic low-VOC liquids for protection and treatments.

We are passionate about protecting the environment wherever possible and ensure that we adhere to all environmental legislation and guidance and try to ensure that our supply chains have a similar ethos to us.

We support charities that invest in replanting and forest care to support our planet for future generations and a percentage of our annual profits goes back in to supporting this work.

Proud to be

Sourcing eco-friendly, sustainably made learning resources

All of our beautiful real wood playground and learning equipment is procured from sustainable sources.

We are proud to say that all our products are sourced for their eco-friendliness, many of which are handcrafted.

Our carefully selected artisans have developed a vast range of products, which offer valuable learning opportunities and exceptional play value. Here at MOE, we are constantly seeking out ideas which captivate children’s imaginations and nurture their social and physical development.

Did you know that we also offer a fully bespoke service? We can transform your ideas into life. Sometimes an idea may come from a teacher’s creative vision or even a child’s ‘dream playground’ project.

Simply get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke requirements. Our bespoke outdoor furniture and equipment is suitable for all environments such as homes, playgrounds, gardens or schools.


Our Product Guarantee

The quality of the products we expertly source is very important to us. Please visit the individual product pages to see their guarantees. We test our products to ensure they are suitable for preschool and nursery environments.

Listening to you

We are a small, friendly and flexible team and we love what we do! It isn’t just children who learn best when they are having fun; we do too. We especially enjoy learning from our customers, so if you have an idea or some feedback, give us a call – we’d love to talk to you!

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