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Best picture book ideas and MOE book storage options for kids

Posted by Michael MOE, 03 August, 2021

We love reading with our little ones here at MOE, so we’ve been thinking about the books that are not only a big hit with our tots when it comes to a bedtime or circle time story, but the ones we adore as much as the children do! Did your favourite make our list?

Bing Bunny series by Ted Dewan

Oh how we love Bing Bunny! And while Bing might be a bunny, he’s also a really typical toddler and so, along with his best friend Flop, your own little ones will totally relate to the scrapes and situations they get into. From potty training to creating glitter storms, a dislike of veg to blanket picnics, Bing totally gets #toddlerlife.

Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

Aliens and underpants combined, you say? Yep, there’s not a tot around who won’t love this fun, rhyming story that’s bound to tickle their ribs, because, let’s face it, when you’re a kid, knickers and pants are a funny topic, and even more so when aliens are stealing them.

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

Little Nut Brown Hare has a lot of love to share, and this heart-warming read gets us every time. Who loves who more? That’s always going to be a fun and silly debate after you’ve finished the story!

Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor

If you have a child who is partial to a bit of bling, the Fancy Nancy series is a must at bedtime. A kid who rocks feather boas and tiaras to the shops is a definite win in our book, but we also love that these books pack in plenty of ‘fancy words’ that widen our own children’s vocabulary too.

The Night Pirates by Peter Harris

When young Tom is awoken by noises outside his house and sees a gang of girl pirates stealing the front of his house, it’s time for a swashbuckling pirate adventure across the high seas to an island where some rather lazy pirates are guarding their treasure. The fact that this one isn’t a traditional ‘boys are pirates, girls are princesses’ kind of book definitely floats our literary boat for sure.

Little Rabbit Foo Foo by Michael Rosen

Little Rabbit Foo Foo, riding through the forest, scooping up the wiggly worms and bopping them on the head. Down came the good fairy and said, “Little Rabbit Foo Foo, I don’t like your attitude scooping up the wiggly worms and bopping them on the head. You’ve got three chances to change or I’ll turn you into a goonie.” Find out if Little Rabbit Foo Foo can change his attitude to avoid becoming a goonie forever in this hysterically silly tale that we love, love, love.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen makes it onto our best bedtime stories for kids list not once but twice because we just couldn’t call it between Little Rabbit Foo Foo and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. The latter is a classic that’s been charming adults and kids alike since 1989, and we never get tired of swishy grass, snow storms and a big bear in a tale that kids will demand to be read over and over.

Dirty Bertie series by David Roberts

This one will definitely appeal to kids who attract all things dirty, stinky and a little bit gross. Bertie has a bit of a smelly gas problem, eats his bogeys and picks up sweets from the floor, which therefore makes him a total hero in the eyes of anyone age three to seven years. Once your kids have moved beyond picture books, there’s a whole series of Dirty Bertie chapter books for older bookworms to read for themselves.

Charlie & Lola series by Lauren Child

Charlie & Lola is the ultimate ‘relatable’ series for siblings, and the whole ‘little sister’ thing will strike a chord for many. Lola is small and very funny, and we absolutely adore everything about her: especially her love of pink milk, her invisible friend, Soren Lorenson, and her ability to always get on the good side of her ever-patient brother, Charlie, even when she’s being a total pain in the butt.

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

To be fair we could have put any of the books by this duo on the list, as they’re all outstanding, but we’ve plumped for The Gruffalo as it’s the one that our own kiddos love best. Scrambled snake, anyone?

Aaaarrgghh! Spider! by Lydia Monks

Aaaarrgghh! Spider! weaves a lovely story of a lonely spider who just wants to be a ‘real life pet‘. Will she get adopted by a family, or will she be washed down the plughole never to be seen again? This will make you rethink your fear of spiders (although the ones we find in our bath never look this cute!).

Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog by Mo Willems

If you’re looking for a story that encourages sharing, then Pigeon Finds the Hot Dog does it in such a funny way that kids will never think twice about dividing their goodies again. We love everything about this whacky story, from its kooky illustrations to the rather angry pigeon.

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Take deep breaths before you try and conquer the long rhyming paragraphs in this classic, and strap in for a crazy, ridiculous ride! Fun fact: this book was first published 61 years ago, so it’s been wowing not just our own toddlers, but possibly even our grandparents when they were tots too!

Skeleton Crew by Allan Ahlberg

When three skeletons go on holiday (lucky them!) aboard their own little boat, they weren’t counting on pirates setting them adrift on a ocean of hilarious adventures. Bone-ified fabulous.

That’s bedtime stories sorted for a while, but here at MOE we also have some rather lovely resources that will help with your reading corners at home, nursery or pre-school too:

Reading dens: Our reading dens come in regular and XL size and make for the perfect, cosy space to get busy with your little bookworms in. Try adding material to make it into sensory pod or even flip it on its back for a social circle!

Indoor reading house: Our handcrafted indoor reading house is a perfect addition to your indoor space, and it also makes an ideal role play or den area. Add your own style such as cushions for an escape and don’t forget lots of books to make it into a relaxing reading pod.

Beehive bookstore: Your little bees will be busy indeed with this handcrafted, low-level book unit that is perfect to be used as easy storage for your favourite books.

Folding bookcase: Close your books away with this mobile Folding Bookcase that is fantastic for smaller spaces or settings where you need to pack away at the end of the day.  The unit folds together with a latches and comes with easy-push lockable wheels to make this a wonderful wooden library on wheels!

Open Book Unit:  This handcrafted Low Level Book Unit is perfect for easy storage and ideal for keeping your child’s favourite books in. The bookshelf design enables easy access at low level so children can grab their reads whenever they want.

Get in touch today with MOE to place an order for one of our reading and book storage ideas, or maybe even to discuss a bespoke storage option or pod: we’re always happy to help!



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