Role play equipment on a grand scale

Tender Years Express

The lovely Tender Years Day Nursery operates from a large detached family home located in a leafy suburb of Bolton.  They pride themselves on recreating a homely atmosphere whilst providing children with a wealth of different experiences both indoors and in their fabulous large garden.  The Tender Years leadership team approached our designers looking for something completely special to create a bespoke and signature piece of garden play equipment that would not only deliver fantastic visual impact but also offer a diverse and varied learning and play environment for their children.

The challenged was matched by creating a bespoke extra-large train which has been rightfully christened the ‘Tender Years Express’.  This structure features a giant locomotive with engine tunnel, seating carriage and log carriage.  The vast size allows multiple users and captures the imagination of the children.   A proud feature of any educational setting.

What we supplied

  • Design Consultation
  • Bespoke Build
  • Giant Train Design
  • Installation

Client Testimonial

The Tender Years Express provides the 'wow factor'.

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