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MORE eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas preschoolers

Posted by Michael MOE, 25 November, 2021

We’ve got so many Christmas gift ideas for all kinds of children and all kinds of budgets that we’ve come up with a second list of of things we think little ones will love finding under the tree on Christmas morning! Head over to the MOE website for even more tree-mendous present suggestions that need to be on your gift-giving radar for preschoolers this year, and don’t forget to also check out our first list of suggestions!

Wooden Pram /Cart – Designed to help pre-schoolers develop co-ordination and to encourage active play, this sturdy cart can be used as a pram, lawnmower, wheelbarrow or anything else your little ones want it to be.

Wooden Balancing Stacking Stones (set of 10) – Sorting, stacking, building and balancing, our Stacking Stone set provides endless play activities for children along with a big dose of learning through play opportunity.

Rainbow Wooden Jumbo Block Set (54 pieces) – When it comes to smooth, solid, traditional wooden blocks we think any and all preschooler will love finding this rainbow and natural loose parts play set under the tree this Christmas!

Large Cosy Cove with Autumn Accessory Set – While we love getting outdoors in all weathers, we do also love to bring the outdoor adventures indoors too, starting with this wonderful Cosy Cove complete with nature-inspired soft furnishings.

Wooden Size Sorting Pillar Set – Currently on sale and providing tons of edutainment for little ones, our Wooden Size Sorting Pillar Set is a gift that will suit the environment AND your wallet.

Crocodile Activity Wall Panel – Snap to it, folks, Christmas really is getting close so you need to start adding to basket, stat, perhaps starting with this wonderfully interactive, tactile, fun Crocodile Activity Wall Panel that’s also in our Festive Giving Sale.

Giant Domed Acrylic Mirror Panel – This lovely Giant 9-Domed Acrylic Mirror Panel is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use to support Understanding the World and observation activities, and we love it almost as much as the children do!

Step a Forest Set – Our new Step a Forest Set is perfect for developing balance, having fun and for enhancing individual and collaborative play skills and is guaranteed to be a big hit for any preschooler.

If this snippet of our MOE products has inspired you to want to add even more fabulous gift ideas to your basket, then do head on over to our website to check out our huge range of indoor, outdoor and sensory learning through play resources available. We currently have an up to 20% sale running on some of our bestsellers as well as a 5% discount code (nov5off) for when you purchase any regular priced item. Make sure you place your order soon so we can get them sent from our workshop asap: sadly we don’t have any elves helping us out!


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