MOE offers resources for both indoor and outdoor play that provide exciting opportunities to develop physically and keep Early Years children healthy, improving their gross and fine motor skills.

Physical development in EYFS relates to a child’s movement, handling of objects, understanding of their own body and health and levels of self-care. Children do this in range of ways including spatial awareness when moving, co-ordination of small and large movements, how to effectively use tools and equipment, saying when they do or don't need help, how they show their feelings, learn how to play co-operatively and form positive relationships with adults and children.


  • Practicing balance, control and coordination through simple gross and fine motor activities.
  • Energetic play contributes towards strength and confidence when facing new physical challenges.
  • Encourage movement with our climbing frames, tunnels and play centres
  • Develop hand-eye coordination and core stability.
  • Let the children move freely and explore.
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