Understanding the World

As one of the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, Understanding the World is used to develop a child's familiarity with technology and their understanding of geography, people and communities. Children can show this in range of ways including talking about themselves and their family, the similarities and differences between people, observing animals and plants how they differ and how the world around them is different from place to place.

Our resources help children to discover and investigate the environment around them in exciting and engaging ways.

  • Exploring the natural world
  • Encouraging children to investigate materials
  • Resources to help with teaching character strengths
  • Products that facilitate the discovery of the senses, light, colour and textures
  • Playhouses and other themed resources help set the stage for role play and discovery of people and communities.
  • Outdoor gardening is extremely popular with children and unleashes their interest in nature discover and investigation.

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