Celebrating the Olympics with these EYFS-resources

Posted by Michael MOE, 28 July, 2021

With the Tokyo Olympics well under way we’ve got Olympic fever here at MOE! It’s no secret that we love keeping our little ones busy with all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities, which is why we’ve been thinking about the awesome handcrafted MOE products you need to put on your adventure radar when it comes to kids getting active, starting with these ideas based on the word OLYMPICS…

O is for Outdoor Playground: Our Climbing Frame Outdoor Playground is a multi-level, high-quality resource perfect for preschools, gardens or nurseries, and provides endless imaginative and creative play opportunities all year round. The standard set comes with a climbing frame, slide, rock wall, lookout tower and cave and we know this will be a winner with kids of all ages!

L is for Letter Set: This set of Wooden Lowercase Letter Set is an Olympic gold when it comes to a resource for communications, literacy, spelling and letter formation. and is also designed with phonics in mind. Our natural wooden set comes with 67 cards in total containing 2 sets of consonants and 3 sets of vowels including a wooden storage box, and we love it!

Y is for Yard Sale: Okay so we’ve cheated a tad here, but you can totally set up a yard sale with our gorgeous Shop Market Stall. Your little Olympians will love letting their role play imaginations run almost as fast as Sir Mo, and with its chalkboard for creative menus and scope for open-ended, multi-functional play scenarios, we know it will be a big hit with your pre-schoolers.

M is for Mud Kitchen: One of our bestsellers for good reason, our Mud Kitchen comes with a sink bowl, hob and oven which makes for the perfect setup for imaginative play. Not only does it help encourage children to reconnect with nature, but it also provides endless opportunities for practicing social skills and tactile play.

P is for Play Wall: We have a whole range of interactive play walls here at MOE, and these sensory-packed resources are always a big hit with the kids. Whether you plump for the Channelling Play Wall or the Music Wall, the Lock Latch Busy Wall or the Water Channelling Wall, the fun you can have with these EYFS-inspired smashers is endless.

I is for Insects: While we might not be able to travel to Tokyo to see the Olympics and stay in a real hotel, we can get busy in the garden creating a 5 star Bug Hotel for the local insects, critters and creepy crawlies.  A wonderful tool to help your little investigators understand the natural world, little ones will adore filling their Bug Hotel with twigs, logs and other materials to create a cosy habitat and then watching the residents move in. 

C is for Creative Expression: Our handcrafted, sustainably produced Art Easels are the ideal tool when it comes to busying mini Picassos with plenty of creative expression opportunities. It comes in two different heights, are designed for indoor or outdoor use in any home, garden, nursery, preschool or school, and they’re durable too which of course is super important when it comes to all the creating going on at them.

S is for Sand Box: Bring the beach to your garden or learning areas this summer with our fantastic Wooden Seated Sandpit which has been designed to be practical, fun and perfect for hanging out at with friends. Whether the kids are digging, making sandcastles or stomping around in it, all you need to add to make this the perfect beach day is an ice lolly, some sun cream, a hat and a dose of imagination (and maybe a spot of Olympics style long jump!).

Time to go for gold, folks, and get off the starting block when it comes to ordering these winning eco-friendly resources for your homes, gardens, nurseries or preschools, we say! Get in touch today with our lovely staff to discuss what will work best for your learning spaces, to find out more about our products and to place an order. Ready, steady… go!

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