In Celebration of Earth Day 2021

Posted by Michael MOE, 20 April, 2021

We are all aware of our ever-increasing need to ensure that everything we do is sustainable and kind to the environment.

At MOE, we want to share a small piece of our passion with you through the supplies of educational resources and learning materials to promote early outdoor education. We do so in a sustainable way that has a low impact upon the environment and promotes educating children, families and teachers to live an eco-friendly life style.

Did you know that when you purchase MOE learning and play resources, you are helping us reach our commitments to protecting the environment.  We are compliance with all environmental legislation and continually minimising our environmental impact in all aspects of our business. All our products are sustainable, eco-friendly and handmade. By purchasing from MOE, you help us give back to the conservation charity Woodland Trust.

At MOE, we are passionate about getting outside and more importantly outdoor learning for Early Years and KS1.  In honour of Plant and Share month as well as Earth Day on April 22nd, we have both tips and a flash SALE on some great products that will make your garden or playground a haven for animals and learning about nature that the children will love!

With this beautiful warmer weather, what a perfect time to get the children outside in the dirt and fresh air, learning about growing food and plants! MOE offers resources for gardening, habitats, bug hotels, ‘look in the box’ discovery areas and cosy relaxation buddy benches.

It’s never been a better time to inspire children and help them learning about sustainability issues, environmental education, climate science and to love nature.

Discover our sale:

Did you know that… the 2021 version of Earth Day will be the 50th anniversary of the event.  Amazing!

Looking for Activities: ‘Food for Life – Get Together’ has a wonderful Early Years Toolkit to get your activities off the ground.   ??


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