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Literacy and numeracy resources for EYFS learning through play activities

Posted by Michael MOE, 01 July, 2021

With the new EYFS being rolled out during 2021 with more focus on strengthening language and vocabulary development, and boosting literacy and numeracy to ensure all children have a good grasp on these key areas of learning in preparation for year 1, now is the time to stockpile some of MOE’s excellent literacy and numeracy resources. The good news is that the kids will be having so much fun that they won’t even realise they’re actually learning through play!

Here at MOE we have plenty of awesome educational equipment designed to boost imaginations and help children pick up essential literacy and numeracy skills, so here’s our pick for the ones we think you need on your radar when it comes to adding literacy and numeracy resources to your own learning areas, whether at home or at day-nursery…

Natural Wooden Number Jigsaw Puzzle 0-10: With 20 matching pieces, with 1-10 numbers printed on one side and 1-10 dots on the other, this firm maths resource favourite makes a wonderful addition as a homeschooling or classroom teaching activity for younger tots. It’s great for fine motor skills, visual memory, learning and recounting numbers plus it will also help with social skills and communication.

£ 13.99 excl VAT
£ 16.79
 incl VAT

Natural Wooden Number Line on Plank 0-10: Rustically fabulous, our 0-10 Number Line in plank form can be used for all kinds of maths work, both inside and outside. Use it to support counting, number recognition, tracing, physical addition and subtraction activities and plenty more. Carefully designed to help children reach their milestones and enhance their development and imagination, it’s also a great resource for tactile play opportunities: just add play dough, sand or other sensory materials to define the numbers. We told you it was fabulous!

£ 23.99 excl VAT
£ 28.79
 incl VAT

Wooden Balancing Stacking Stones (Set of 10): Prepare for a plethora of stacking, sorting, building and balance points with this irresistibly tactile Wooden Balancing Stacking Stones set. Each individual stone is handcrafted and carved at a variety of angles, providing children scope to create a big old range of structures: ideal as an educational toy or learning resource for construction, small world play, role play, sensory and Montessori activities.

£ 20.99 excl VAT
£ 25.19
 incl VAT

Wooden Threading Leaves: We love our new learning and educational threading resource, and it always proves a huge hit with children when it comes to threading activities. Plus, while they’re having fun, they’re also picking up fine motor skills essential for mastering things like drawing, writing, doing up buttons, tying shoelaces and eye-hand coordination. Pop in dexterity and concentration skills to the equation, and you’ve got yourself a set that will put a smile on kids and adults faces alike.

£ 18.99 excl VAT
£ 22.79 incl VAT

Number Stacker: MOE’s Number Stacker is a classic maths-based learning aid with a handcrafted, wooden twist. Not only is this the perfect resource for improving your small student’s numerical and problem-solving skills, but it also helps with early cognitive and motor development. Win, win!

£79.99 excl VAT
£95.99 incl VAT

Door Knocker Set: When it comes to maths and role play opportunities, our Door Knocker Set is the quintessential addition for your home learning area or for your school readiness programme. Equipped with numbers 1-10, this durable, unique set is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

£39.99 excl VAT
£47.99 incl VAT

Sandpaper Numbers Set (0-9): Little ones will love this tactile learning experience when it comes to teaching them how to form numbers correctly, recognise numbers and getting to grips with number sequencing. Each card is covered with fine sand to help children make the connection between the physical formation of numbers and the number shape. This is also a great pick for children who might need a bit of extra help, as the tactile nature of the product makes for a great SEN and additional needs educational aid. Oh, and did we mention that this classic Montessori and Waldorf-inspired, sensory resource also helps build muscle memory? Our advice? Add to cart, stat!

£29.99 excl VAT
£35.99 incl VAT

Wooden Fun Fish Maths Set (Numbers & Counting): Fun and maths rolled into one, MOE’s Wooden Fun Fish Maths Sets combines our favourite two things: learning and play! This hands-on set allows little ones to get busy with independent concentrated work as they pick up maths, counting, ordering and number skills. It also helps to develop dexterity, curiosity, concentration and to encourage an early passion for maths and learning.

£32.98 excl VAT
£ 39.58 incl VAT

Wooden Alphabet Tracing Tiles (Lower Case Set): If you’re looking for a hands-on resource that encourages little ones to learn the letters of the alphabet then this is just the ticket. Inspired by the School of Maria Montessori, this beautiful, sustainable, tactile resource has been created to help improve correct formation, build motor memory and has also been designed with SEN and additional needs in mind. This is the ideal tool for children to use before moving on to writing with pen and paper.

£29.99 excl VAT
£35.99 incl VAT

Wooden Pattern Tracing Tiles (set of 10): If it’s pre-writing skills you’re keen to encourage amongst your small students then this resource, based on Montessori principles, is exactly what you need for helping children improve correct formation, encouraging fine motor skills, learning the alphabet and nurturing curiosity. You’ll find 10 different patterns for tracing and a stylus (a special instrument for tracing the letters), all designed to be inclusive of all kinds of learners, including SEN and additional needs children.

£29.99 excl VAT
£35.99 incl VAT

Ready to order your literacy and numeracy resources perfect for EYFS learning through play opportunities? Then get in touch with MOE if you need any further advice on our products, some help choosing the right resources for your family or day nursery outdoor learning areas. Send us an email at [email protected] , call us on 01277 297001, or have a look online at our lovely range of indoor and outdoor resources, all designed to be sustainable, durable and a whole lot of EYFS-ready fun.

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