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Posted by Michael MOE, 29 June, 2021


Mud, glorious mud: there really is nothing quite like it when it comes to sensory, tactile, learning through play adventures! But did you know that not only is mud an easy, free resource to keep children busy with, but that it can boost immune systems too? You see, mud and dirt are packed with a microscopic bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae (M. vacca) that helps little ones develop better immune tolerance and can also encourage the release of serotonin – a chemical that helps lower stress and regulate moods – in those ever-busy young brains. Mud really is excellent stuff!

So, with the recent International Mud Day on 29th June, we’ve been turning our minds to some easy, muddy activities that are perfect for Early Years and KS1 kids to get busy with…

  • Mud car wash: Create a muddy car track complete with a mud car wash for hours of muddy, role-play fun.


  • Construction site: Find a wonderful patch of mud, throw in some toy vehicles and trucks and turn it into a temporary construction site complete with mud towers, huts, structures and anything else your imaginary mud building site needs!


  • Mud spa: It’s pamper day at the mud spa, so gather some old dolls and figures and send them for a host of muddy treatments including mud baths, mud facials and mud showers. Don’t forget to have lots of nice big ‘towels’ (leaves!) on standby to dry off your customers once their treatments are finished, as well as a fab-brew-lous cup of organic, mud tea to sip on before they leave the spa.


  • Mud sliding/pit: Fact: kids love running, sliding, digging and jumping in mud so let them get on with it in their own mud sliding arena and pit (created by them, of course). Our advice? Have a hose on standby to make things even muddier and more slippery (and to hose the kids off with once they’re done!).


  • Mud ice cream parlour: Encourage little ones to whip up their own mud ice cream parlour by looking for pinecones they can use to create their ice cream (pine) cones and sundaes with. Hours of mud heaven guaranteed.


  • Mud bakery: Good old fashioned mud pies never get boring, so get the kids to create pies galore, making sure they remember to decorate them with leaves, flowers, sticks and all other manner of natural resources. Don’t forget to add some mud cupcakes and other muddy goodies to the messy equation too: just provide them with buckets, spoons and cupcake tins and they’ll be good to ‘bake’ for hours.

Ready to kickstart your own muddy adventures? Then we happen to have some fabulous resources here at MOE to help with the mucky fun…


Mud Box: Handcrafted from solid wood with an easy lift wood and a removable back to clean inside, our Mud Box is a wonderful resource for storing all that glorious mud in. One thing is for sure: it will make a glorious addition to any outdoor learning space, and it comes with the choice of free personalisation too.  £ 208.33 excl VAT


Mud Kitchen 1.5 Extra Wide: We’re super proud of our large range of Mud Kitchens, and this one, our biggest one, is always a total winner with kids. It comes with two bowls so is great for encouraging teamwork. £ 250.00 excl VAT

Mud Kitchen: One of our bestsellers for good reason, our Mud Kitchen comes with a sink bowl, hob and oven which makes for the perfect setup for imaginative play. Not only does it help encourage children to reconnect with nature, but it also provides endless opportunities for practicing social skills and tactile play.  £ 216.67 excl VAT

Low Level Mud Kitchen: Ideal or toddlers and smaller children, and carefully designed like all of our products to be anti-tip and durable, our Low Level Mud Kitchen has all the features of our standard Mud Kitchen but at a lower height for littler legs. Idea alert: Head into the garden, park or local forest and gather all the ‘ingredients’ you need to create a magnificent, muddy, murky, massive mud stew!  £ 191.66 excl VAT

Slimline Mud Kitchen: Last but by no means least in our range of epic Mud Kitchens is our much-loved, low height Slimline design. But while it might be slimmed down in size, it’s in no way slimmed down on fun: it comes with a sink bowl, oven and also a draw and storage compartment to help with all that role play excitement.  £ 208.33 excl VAT

See-through Discovery Planter: What do you get when you add mud and Perspex together? A whole host of opportunity for young learners to discover how things grow and to get a window into the world of what really happens below and above ground. Designed with sturdy legs and easy to move around, this is a truly lovely STEM-inspired addition to any learning garden for home use, schools, preschools or nurseries. Idea alert: Throw in some worms! Worms love mud as much as children do, and little ones will adore watching and learning about their new friends in their own wormery!  £ 125.00 excl VAT


Ready to get muddy? Then get in touch with our helpful staff by popping an email to [email protected] , calling us on 01277 297001, or taking a look online to place an order.


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