Fine Motor Skills

MOE resources to help pre-schoolers perfect fine motor skills

Posted by Michael MOE, 30 March, 2022

Fine motor skills are oh-so-important for so many reasons and help children with important, everyday tasks including:

  • Being able to feed themselves.
  • Grasping objects.
  • Beginning to learn how to write.
  • Getting dressed including buttoning and unbuttoning clothes.
  • Tying shoelaces.
  • Cleaning and flossing teeth.
  • Using doorknobs, keys and locks.

The ability to accomplish self-care and everyday tasks by using fine motor skills also helps a child’s self-esteem and confidence grow, useful tools for getting pre-schoolers prepared when it comes to school readiness. Luckily, we have lots of wonderful resources designed to encourage and enhance fine motor skills here at MOE, so head over to our website to check out the full range, but in the meantime here are some of our favourites:

Giant Weaving Panel & Board: This freestanding board can be used indoors or outdoors and allows children to experiment with a variety of materials to create different shapes and pattern: the perfect learning through play tool!

Door to Discovery: Our new for 2022, sturdy Door to Discovery has been designed to develop fine motor skills with the use of ‘grown-up’ locking fixtures whilst creating intrigue and encouraging imagination. The Door to Discovery can be used inside and outside on a stable surface and is ideal for problem solving and sensory adventures.

Nuts & Bolts Tray: Busy, curious children will have endless learning through discovery fun using our sustainably made, handcrafted Nuts & Bolts Set. Designed with the Montessori-ethos in mind, not only will pre-schoolers have a whole lot of fun using this, but they’ll be picking up fine motor skills too.

Lock Latch Busy Wall: For pre-schoolers who love problem solving, discovery and sensory types of learning through play activities, our Latch Lock Wall is always a hit! Handcrafted and durable in all weathers, it makes the perfect addition to any outdoor learning and discovery areas and is packed with fine motor skills opportunities.

Wooden Tracing Boards: Our wooden Tracing Boards are not only Montessori-inspired and perfect for helping pre-schoolers with their fine motor and literacy skills, but they also make for an eco-friendlier learning activity. This pre-writing pattern set comes with 13 tiles/boards and is designed to help children become familiar with the link between pattern and letter formations.

Number Stackers: MOE Education has Maths Resources that not only enhance EYFS and KS1, but also help with fine motor skills. Our bestselling Number Stacker helps with Early Years learning goals such as counting, mathematical language and pattern recognition as well as helping to hone co-ordination, hand to eye and fine motor skills.

Wooden Threading Leaves: Threading is a great activity to help children develop the fine motor skills that are essential for being able to draw, write, do up buttons, tie shoelaces, open lunch boxes and more. Threading also helps to develop eye-hand coordination, dexterity and concentration skills and this set covers all those bases. It comes with three different leaf designs, threading rope and three wooden threading needles for all your threading needs.

Mark Making Chalkboard Easel: Our Mark Making Easel Chalkboard is sturdy, freestanding and ideal for group play both indoors and outdoors. Children will love getting creative with mark making, and in doing so they are working on fine motor skills, their writing grips and creativity expression.

Water Worx: Our Water Worx is a multi-educational ‘outdoor water channelling’ experience that encourages children to channel water, create water paths and cascades that resemble stream-like movement. To operate the different locks and paths, fine motor skills are essential. The ultimate outdoor, STEM-inspired learning resource!

Rainbow Pebbles Classroom Set: This colourful construction and early mathematics manipulative has been designed to help develop fine motor skills, as well as a tool for counting, sorting and creative design activities. It contains a whopping 252 assorted pebbles in 6 sizes and 6 colours, 47 double-sided activity cards, 3 spinners and an activity guide in a sturdy storage container and, we think, makes the perfect Early Years resource for any home or classroom

Ready to make an order? Then head over to our website and start adding to basket, but if you need any advice on these or our other products, do get in touch with our friendly team who are always happy to help!


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