New Learning Resources Inspired by Montessori Philosophy

Posted by Michael MOE, 17 May, 2021


Moe is pleased to present new learning and play resources inspired by Montessori and Waldorf philosophy.  Designed with SEN and additional needs in mind, these smaller hands-on tactile resources are excellent for fine motor skills, supporting children to discover their own abilities and natural curiosity.

Have a look at our little video to discover new resources in our Maths, Communication, Language & Literacy as well as Malleable & Fine Motor Skills areas on our website.




We have life cycle puzzles, colour sorting set, alphabet and number tracing tiles with stylus, pattern tracers, sandpaper numbers, fun maths with fish, animal sets and much more.

Discover more in our shop sections below:

Malleable & Fine Motor Skills Resources

Communication, Language & Literacy Resources 

Mathematics Resources 


All handmade from sustainable high quality materials, plywood which is FSC certified and safe for children.


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