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Plastic Free July: Easy ways we can rid plastic from our lives!

Posted by Michael MOE, 09 July, 2021

Easy alternatives to plastic we can all get on board with

It’s Plastic Free July and it’s no secret that we here at MOE love to embrace nature whenever we can. Our handcrafted resources are all designed with sustainability in mind, and we’re always keen on making eco-friendly switches that help us shrink our carbon footprint wherever possible. By making these small changes we can collectively make a huge difference, so to kickstart the plastic free mission, here are some of our favourite eco-friendly products as well as some easy ideas we can all get on board with when it comes to swapping out the plastic…

Hollow Brick Set|Loose Parts Play (26 piece set): Forget plastic building bricks and get the little ones busy on a mission using our sturdy hollow blocks all handcrafted from sustainable solid wood. Play opportunities are endless when it comes to little ones trying their skills as budding architects and expressing their creativity and imagination. The set is available in three different size varieties: 40 piece, 26 piece or 14 piece sets.

£ 349.99 excl VAT
£ 419.99
 incl VAT

Wooden Weaving Leaves | Learning Resource | Fine Motor Skills: We love our educational, fun Wooden Weaving Leaves and they make a great plastic free activity when it comes to helping children develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, dexterity and concentrations skills.

23.99 excl VAT
£ 28.79
 incl VAT

Outdoor Timber Eco-toilet: Perfect for nurseries and preschools, we’re super proud of our Outdoor Timber Eco Toilets, also also known as composting toilets. This Eco Toilet is an ideal solution for any location that does not have accessible water or sewer system connections, and is, of course, about as eco-friendly as a toilet gets!

£ 1.666.66 excl VAT
£ 1.999.99
 incl VAT

Natural Wooden Number Jigsaw Puzzle 0-10: With 20 matching pieces, with 1-10 numbers printed on one side and 1-10 dots on the other, this firm maths resource favourite makes a wonderful addition as a homeschooling or classroom teaching activity for younger tots. It’s great for fine motor skills, visual memory, learning and recounting numbers plus it will also help with social skills and communication.

£ 13.99 excl VAT
£ 16.79
 incl VAT

Wooden Pattern Tracing Tiles (set of 10): Boost pre-writing skills the sustainable way with this lovely wooden resource, based on Montessori principles. It will help children improve correct formation, encourage fine motor skills, help them learn the alphabet and nurture natural curiosity. You’ll find 10 different patterns for tracing and a stylus (a special instrument for tracing the letters), all designed to be inclusive of all kinds of learners, including SEN and additional needs children.

£29.99 excl VAT
£35.99 incl VAT

So, now we’ve got the idea when it comes to wooden, sustainable learning resources, we’re also switching things up when it comes to the everyday plastic bits and bobs we use and can easily swap out for a plastic free alternatives…

Reusable coffee/tea cups: We parents NEED our coffee and tea to get us through the day, but all those takeaway cups are adding to the landfill issue. Britain alone uses a whopping 2.5 billion takeaway cups every year, the majority of which can’t be recycled. That’s enough cups to stretch around the world five and a half times! Bringing your reusable cup to the coffee shop is a simple solution that will really help the mountainous takeaway cup issue.

Beeswax storage wraps: Bees are literally nature’s best friend and switching out plastic sandwich bags and plastic food storage bags for beeswax alternatives is an easy swap to make AND also happens to be better for your health. According to the World Health Organisation, dioxin, a toxic chemical found in the plastics used in food storage bags, can cause all sorts of health issues: eek! Beeswax alternatives are the way to bee more eco-friendly and healthier for sure!

Bamboo/washable or plastic-free, bio-degradable baby wipes: We get it: as parents we get through a LOT of wipes, but with 90% of blocked sewages pipes in the UK being caused by baby wipes, these not-so-eco-friendly discarded wipes are a serious issue for the environment. By making the switch to bamboo wipes, washable wipes, organic cotton balls or plastic free, bio-degradable wipes you’re instantly on your way to becoming a plastic free guru. Don’t forget to also swap out the make-up removing wipes too for reusable face cloths!

Plastic straws and single-use cutlery alternatives: There’s just no need to have a pointless piece of Earth-damaging plastic in your drink, and there are plenty of excellent alternatives to those hideous plastic straws. Bamboo, stainless steel, pasta tubes and compostable paper are all types of straws we’ve tried and all work an eco-friendly treat. The same goes for single-use cutlery: pop an eco-friendly, reusable set in your bag for when plastic is offered to you.

Reusable shopping bags: From snazzy tote bags to washable canvas bags, there are so many choices when it comes to reusable shopping bags that there really is no excuse to be using throwaway, plastic ones. It can take hundreds – thousands even – of years for plastic to disintegrate, so the damage to the environment is long term. And, like the sandwich bags, those nasty toxins can find their way into the food chain which means our families can end up ingesting them.

By making simple switches – including ditching cotton tips for organic versions, plastic toothbrushes for bamboo ones, and using reusable bottles for water – we’re not only teaching our children to be eco-conscious, but also, hopefully, doing our bit in helping our planet heal for future generations.

To find out more about MOE’s eco-stance and sustainable products, get in touch today either via email on [email protected] , call us on 01277 297001, or have a look online and we’ll be happy to answer questions or help you place an order.


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