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Recycle Week: How we’re doing our bit at MOE for the environment

Posted by Michael MOE, 24 September, 2021

While we should all be doing our bit for recycling all year round, this week is officially Recycle Week! Now in its 18th year of bringing together the nation to not just recycle but to recycle the right things in the right way, we love this initiative and support it 100%. Here at MOE we pride ourselves on being as sustainable a small business as we can be, so we thought we would share with you how we’re doing our bit for the environment…

Our green operation is an extension of our passion for being as sustainable as possible, so, in a nut shell (because nut shells are environmentally friendly), as a business we have implemented the following initiatives:

  • Our products are very much designed with an emphasis on teaching children and families about the environment in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.
  • Timber is the most sustainable building material available, benefiting from low embedded energy. It’s a renewable resource, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable and by using it this means we’re actually using materials that are closest to their natural state. Timber can also be re-used or reduced to wood chip for other building products, and even our saw dust is turned into ‘wood flour’ to fill holes, or used as garden feed.
  • All of our timber off cuts and production waste are recycled or reused.
  • The timber we use is FSC accredited which ensures that it is harvested only from sustainable sources.
  • Where possible, we buy local wood and all additional products are purchased to ensure a low carbon footprint.
  • Where applicable we use low energy lighting and ozone friendly materials.
  • We use only non-toxic low-VOC liquids for protection and treatments.
  • Wherever possible and ensure that we adhere to all environmental legislation and guidance and try to ensure that our supply chains have a similar ethos to us.
  • We support charities that invest in replanting and forest care to support our planet for future generations and a percentage of our annual profits goes back in to supporting this work.

Protecting the environment is one of the most important things we can teach our little ones and together we can achieve our vision by understanding the importance of woodland care, investing in replanting and supporting our planet in every little way we can for future: our children and our grandchildren’s future.




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