Bring The Beach To Your Learning Areas And Gardens This Summer!

Posted by Michael MOE, 05 May, 2022

We’ve been thinking of ways we can bring sandy beach holidays to our own gardens or day nursery outdoor learning areas this summer, and while we can’t guarantee the weather, we can guarantee a whole lot of fun and discovery. MOE has every summer garden essential you need for 2022 and beyond…


Great Products To Create A Beach Themed Learning Area


Sandy Beach Themed Learning Products

MOEducation Water & Sand Play Basin Timber

Seated Sandpit: To really get the beach feels going in your learning areas, our fantastic handcrafted Wooden Sandpit / Sandbox is designed to be practical, fun and, essentially, perfect for hanging out at with friends. Whether the kids are digging, making sandcastles or stomping around in it, all you need to add to make this the perfect beach day is an ice lolly, some sun cream, a hat and a dose of imagination.

Raised Sandpit with Lid: If your ‘beach’ isn’t quite big enough for the full sandpit above, then our fabulous Raised Sandpit with Lid option is the perfect solution. It might be smaller in size, but it’s just as big when it comes to Montessori-inspired, outdoor play.

Double Sand and Water Tray: If it’s the full beach experience you’re after, then our double sand and water tray is double the fun for little ones and Educators to get busy with (because we know you love playing with sand and water too, folks!). The trays are wonderfully designed to be filled with plenty of sand and water to create lots of EYFS-focused play: perfect for getting busy with exploring different textures and material, and for thinking about the beaches we would like to visit around the world when we can!

Deluxe Sand and Water Box: Featuring a robust eco-friendly resin liner, a shelf for all your beachy bits and bobs, a chalkboard lid and a plug so water can be easily drained, MOE’s wonderful Deluxe Sand and Water Box is literally a beach in a box. Sensory play at its best, for sure!


Seaside Water Themed Learning Products

MOEducation Water Worx Sensory Play Station

Water Worx (Outdoor Water Channelling Experience): For a stunning resource that will keep your child’s mind buzzing with endless learning opportunities, MOE’s new Water Worx is a multi-educational ‘outdoor water channelling’ experience that encourages little beach goers to channel water, create water paths and cascades, and get them thinking about how the water reaches the sea through streams and rivers. Your garden or day nursery beach just got extra interactive and sensory thanks to a water wheel, lock channels, pool area and even a child-safe water launch platform if you go for this beauty. Dive over to our video of this product in action to find out just how big a splash this EYFS-inspired resource really makes.

Outdoor Wooden Water Wall: If you haven’t got a garden or outdoor learning area big enough for the Water Worx product, then our Outdoor Wooden Water Wall, another EYFS-packed water resource, also makes a lovely addition to any outdoor space. Featuring hand-operated pumps, which take water from the fitted trough and expel it at the top of the unit, little ones will have a blast watching the water trickling down in patterns, just like it might run off a sea wall into rock pool at the real beach.


Other Ideas For Beach Themed Learning & Teaching

MOEducation Timber Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship: Pirates and beaches go hand-in-hand so walk the plank over to our website to find out more about our all singing, all sailing Pirate Ship. This impressive handcrafted Pirate Ship is barrels of fun when all hands get on deck and will ignite imaginations, team work and role play opportunities perfectly.

Time to enjoy your summer and a splash of vitamin sea at your own private beach! Don’t forget to get in touch with MOE if you need any further advice on our products, some help choosing the right resources for your family or day nursery outdoor learning areas. Just pop us an email at [email protected] , call us on 01277 297001, or have a look online at our lovely range of indoor and outdoor equipment. And don’t forget to send us a postcard from your garden vacation: wish we were there too!

Beach Scavenger Hunt: One of the best things about going to the beach with children is their delight at finding treasures in the sand. This hand painted and therefore unique-each-time Beach Scavenger Hunt is designed to use at real and pretend beaches alike. It also encourages children to get closer to nature and develop their observational skills whilst also satisfying their curiosity and improving dexterity and hand/eye co-ordination.

Playhouse: Now, if we’re going to have a ‘beach’ in the garden or outdoor learning area, then we’re going to need a beach hut, and our handcrafted Playhouse totally fits the bill. This stylish, high-quality essential comes with two windows, window boxes and a barn-style door, so when you’re not using it as a seaside shelter, there is still tons of scope for all-year imaginative play.



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