What should an ideal play garden for Early Years have?

Posted by Michael MOE, 16 April, 2021

At MOE, we love developing active places to help them create their own little world.

Play is at the top of every child’s agenda and encouraging this in a safe and durable environment is at the top of every nursery and playgroup’s wish list. That’s why MOE’s Outdoor Play Equipment and Learning Garden Solutions has been designed with little people in mind.

EYFS focused ‘Playgrounds or Learning Gardens’ help young minds and bodies develop without them even realising it; through enhancing their imagination, socialisation skills and even their physical coordination, strength and balance.  Don’t miss our new video at the end of this post.

Giant play equipment and an abundance of natural materials can create some of the most inspiring role play areas. We love helping children develop a world of their own and keep them active on our themed outdoor play equipment. MOE has an extensive range of outdoor play resources perfect for creating safe learning and play environments that is fun, active, safe and engaging for children of all ages. Our ranges are ideal for Early Years “under five friendly” with resources and products scaled down in size to suit our youngest of users.

Here are FIVE inspiring ways you can improve your outdoor learning spaces.

  1. Improve Storage & Accessibility

Allow yourself the time to take a closer look at the outdoor resources you already have. Can you use what you’ve got already more effectively? Perhaps a re-organisation of all your loose parts for construction, maths and literacy will enable children to access current resources more easily. Well organised Storage also enables young children to tidy up more independently and easily too.  Have a look at our outdoor storage solutions.

And don’t forget, a Welly Boot Store creates great additional storage space for children to access and store boots and waterproofs away from the main classroom, facilitating outdoor learning whatever the weather, ideal and essential for any EYFS outdoors space.


  1. Increase Physical Development through Active Play

Children love to explore, clamber and climb. Although getting creative with loose parts is a popular way to create opportunities for active play, have you considered the versatility and practicalities of investing in small scale climbing equipment, specially designed for EYFS and KSI.  MOE’s bestsellers include Up and Over climbing frames in various sizes as well as Tunnelled Climbing Walls, Themed Play and Play-frames.


  1. Encourage Communication and Language through Reading

Sharing books and listening to stories helps children to develop language skills, extends their vocabulary and fuels their imaginations. Children love to learn about the world around them, discovering amazing facts and experiencing moments of awe and wonder.  Outdoor Seating, Reading Dens, Tepees and Chalkboards are great ways to create areas and cosy hideaways for telling stories and playing games.


  1. Inspire Literacy and Mathematics through Energetic Fun

MOE provides a wide range of resources that offer endless opportunities for developing cognitive skills, through energetic and memorable play.  Large equipment such as free-standing abacus, lock latch wall, scales, sensory guttering stand and abacus/clock enables children to discover maths naturally within their free play.  Children begin to apply relevant maths concepts as they explore, investigate and develop teamwork and coordination skills.


      5. Understanding the World through Investigative Play

Children love water, sand and muddy play and exploring the properties of materials. Your outdoor area is the best place to encourage messy play.

Schools and nurseries are providing excellent feedback on the innovative Water Wall. Through pumps and channels it creates a fun space where children can begin to develop their engineering, science and maths skills, perfect for introducing the understanding of STEM subjects, through exploratory play. New for 2021, MOE has created a larger multi-activity WaterWorx (Outdoor Water Channelling Experience) as a highly interactive educational resource for creating water paths and cascades.

Another essential element of EYFS play garden is access to a Mud Kitchen for messy inventions. Where children can mix, concoct and experiment to their heart’s content.  Through the use of Sand and Water Discovery Trays and Sandpit areas; children will be able to discover and explore independently as they enjoy in fun conversations.



Is it time to make practical and inspiring changes?

Whether you revamping or redesigning your EYFS outdoor space, the children and staff will certainly all benefit greatly. Healthy and highly interactive outdoor play improves all aspects of learning.  At MOE, we are here to answer all your enquiries and turn your idea into reality.

Please contact us online, email us [email protected] or call on 01277 297001. We’re more than happy to help.


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