Our story

The Woodland Ministry of Outdoor Education (MOE as we like to call ourselves) was born out of the desire to ensure every child has an opportunity to learn through outdoor adventures and natural discovery.

We source artisans to produce indoor and outdoor wooden equipment and resources for parents, nurseries, preschools, schools and other educational establishments across the UK and further afield.

We are a passionate close-knit team with over 50 years’ combined experience in delivering sustainably-made educational resources and equipment from our base in rural Essex.

For many of us, we started our individual outdoor adventures for many different reasons, discovering our own loves. For some of us that includes working with our hands and creating wooden marvels and for others it is the rewards of working with children in Early Years Forestry Education or just spending time with our loved ones in the great outdoors. Together we make a dynamic, outdoor-loving and fun team.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege to meet and collaborate with some amazing individuals who shared our commitments for educational and environmental improvements.

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What inspires us to grow….Do you see what we see?

Beautiful outdoor places that love to be captured and discovered in a moment that takes your breath away? From that first amazing adventure…perhaps kayaking down a river or conquering your first hill or mountain. We hope to teach and help others find their real back-to-nature experiences they will never forget.

- Ashley Wilson – Director

At MOE, we want to share a small piece of our passions and values with you. MOE has everything you need to enable you to create engaging learning environments. We do so in a sustainable way that has a low impact upon the environment and endorses an eco-friendly lifestyle for children, families and teachers alike.

Our Mission and Purpose

We are excited to bring the ‘wow’ to children through our
unique products and amazing customer service tailored to you.

Natural equipment as unique as you.


The team

Behind our products is a dedicated and passionate team. Hand-picked to match our values, with a vision of adventure and the real outdoors at their core.

How we keep in touch with the nature we love

As a responsible organisation, we are committed to protecting the environment, ensuring compliance with all environmental legislation and continually minimising our environmental impact in all aspects of our business.

To give back to the environment MOE supports the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest Woodland Conservation Charity. We want to see a UK rich in native woods and trees. Planting over 43 million trees since 1972, this amazing charity is passionate about the creation, protection and restoration of native woodland heritage.

Together we can achieve our vision by teaching children and families alike about the importance of woodland care, investing in replanting and forest care to support our planet for future generations.


A natural way to play

Learning is most effective when it's fun. Our learning equipment and teaching aids help to develop life skills, positive mind-sets, improve well-being and encourage self-belief in both indoor and outdoor settings.

We strive to support parents, schools and nurseries in delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, environmental awareness and so much more.

People often ask what is outdoor learning or forest school?

Essentially, it’s an opportunity for kids to explore and learn on their own terms and at their own speeds, whilst encouraging an understanding and respect for nature that hopefully stays with them for life. It’s an opportunity for children to immerse themselves in nature, outdoor settings and explore woodlands; which they may not get to do in their own free time. Without fail, we strongly believe it’s a fantastic way for children to develop bonds within their groups, and learn from each other, boosting confidence, resilience, and communication skills.