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Posted by Michael MOE, 28 January, 2022

Have you ever thought about introducing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) into your early years practice or classroom, but aren’t sure how to? MOE Education has plenty of STEM related wooden, eco-friendly resources perfect for engaging the inquisitive scientists and engineers of the future.

What is STEM?

STEM Education, at its core, simply means educating students – no matter how young – in four specific disciplines:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

STEM combines all four of these areas into an interdisciplinary and applied approach and while they may seem like lofty topics for preschoolers, by introducing them in a learning through play way they become easy for children to get on board with.

STEM can:

  • help children develop language, communication, and problem-solving skills
  • promote independent and collaborative learning
  • put children on the pathway to future academic success.

This is needed now more than ever to help children successfully connect and engage in your setting. When children are engaged in STEM activities, they become more confident, successful learners, and are much better able to see the connections between real life contexts which in turn leads to a more rapid understanding.

Seven benefits of STEM education

  • Fosters ingenuity and creativity: Ingenuity and creativity can pair with STEM and lead to new ideas and innovations
  • Builds resilience
  • Encourages experimentation
  • Encourages teamwork
  • Encourages knowledge application
  • Encourages tech use
  • Teaches problem-solving
  • Encourages adaption

MOE STEM resources

We have some amazing STEM-focused resources here at MOE including:

Hollow Brick Set – STEM learning through play is the name of the game with this child-led, sustainably made and handcrafted Early Years resource that will really bring out team work, imagination, problem solving and concentration skills in preschoolers.

Channelling Play WallOur popular Channelling (or guttering/chutes) Play Wall is a wonderful water exploration learning resource for Early Years. Water, sand, cars, boats, dinosaurs – the list goes on as to what young children will build into their play using this interactive STEM based tool.

Abacus ClockOur giant abacus and clock, designed for Early Years maths activities, is a historic counting tool that dates back to 1300 BC. Originating from China, it still makes a perfect numerical learning aid in any preschool setting, and our version features a large clock face for children to start understanding numbers for school readiness.

Outdoor Maths Resources Bundle –  NEW for 2022, this set of maths resources has been designed for developing number recognition, identifying patterns, counting skills and exploring number sequences. It’s been specially created for outdoor use (although also suitable for indoor use) and includes: 3 x clear tubs for storage, 1 x Bee Number Stones, 1 x Bee Early Number Cards, 1 x Ladybug Counting Stones, 1 x Ladybug Number Cards, 1 x Dinosaur Bones Match and Measure Activity Cards, 1 x Jumbo Number Pebbles, 1 x Sorting Stones, 1 x Categories Attribute Stones, 1 x Maths Outdoors, 1 x Feels-Write Number Stones, 1 x Rustic Pourers. It also comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Understanding the World Bundle: This discounted bundle – a more cost effective way of buying STEM learning resources – comes with Scales, Abacus, Weave Frame, Water, Ball & Sensory Stand, Seated Sand Pit, all of which have been selected to give preschoolers a better understanding of the world (which is what STEM is all about, after all!).

Balance Scales with Buckets: Children can combine STEM learning with fun while enjoying endless activities focused on maths with our Balance Scales and Buckets. Investigating and discovery is key with this essential maths resource

Head over to the MOE website for more STEM resources: we have a huge range of handcrafted, sustainably made products for gardens, nurseries, preschools and any Early Years setting. It’s never too early to get your curious learners interested in STEM focused activities, so do get in touch if you would like more information or advice on the products that will work best for you.

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