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WORLD BOOK DAY 2022: How to create an Early Years reading corner

Posted by Michael MOE, 02 March, 2022

WORLD BOOK DAY 2022: When we’re not busy whipping up sustainably made, learning through play resources and handcrafted furniture, we can often be found snuggling up with our own little ones and a good book. And do you know what makes those reading activities even more snuggly and cosy? A fantastic reading area, is what, and we definitely know a thing or two about creating the ideal products for just that task – for World Book Day and for every other day of the year too.

First off, you’re going to need somewhere to keep all of those reads, and we have some wonderful book storage options that fit the bill. Whether you plump for a Bee Hive Book Store, a Folding Bookcase, or an Open Book Unit, your reading corner will be a whole lot less messy with somewhere to keep your library!

If you have the space either in your home, nursery or pre-school, then our wonderful Indoor Reading House not only makes the perfect addition to a reading corner, but also doubles up as a Playhouse for endless imaginative play opportunities. We also have our handcrafted Reading Dens which come in several sizes and certainly make story-time all the more cosy.

Our Personalised Buddy Benches also help create a charming reading corner, and we love seeing little ones snuggled up together sharing their favourite book. It comes with free personalisation too, so you can have your children’s, nursery or pre-school name etched on it to make it extra special.

You’re all set for furniture and storage, but how about adding some of our fabulous smaller resources to the mix such as our Storytelling Wood Slices, Wooden Garden Nature Stamps, People That Help Us Set, or Mini Beast Set? We have lots of products for under £35 which are perfect for story time and imaginative play activities.

Pop over to the MOE website to check out all of these reading corner suggestions as well as to find out more about our other Early Years Literacy resources and wonderful, handcrafted book storage options.

Happy reading, everyone!

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