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Fun activities to engage young minds

Whether you’re looking for learning-through-play ideas to do at home, outdoor lesson plans for school, or guidance on making time outdoors part of every child’s day, you’ll find it here at MOE Education.

Our expert staff have years of educational experience in developing exciting lesson plans that allow children to make natural discoveries and go on exciting adventures.

Our lessons plans and learning aids can be adapted for homeschooling activities for parents or utilised within a nursery or school environment for teachers/educators to use as topics.

All MOE learning aids reflect our ethos and promote outdoor Montessori, EYFS and forest school. We offer fully inclusive lessons with additional special educational needs focus. Our plans are specially developed to increase children’s learning by natural discovery and supporting children’s wellbeing.

Why not try out our fun parent partnership packs! We have specially designed travel and holiday packs to keep the little ones busy and content. We cover ‘what to look for on car journeys’, ‘going to the park’, ‘camping’, ‘beach days’ and much more.

Every day is a new adventure!

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Benefits of using MOE lesson plans

MOE can help you to provide high quality outdoor learning through our subscription memberships, learning aids and educational resources.

  • Instant access to lesson plans to support MOE products
  • Easy to use with clear guidance and fun plans
  • Low cost and quick resource meaning you spend more time enjoying the outdoors
  • Helping you plan, play and learning effectively
  • Excellent resource to help reduce your lesson planning time
  • Resources suitable for multiple ages and abilities (including SEN)
  • Innovative and flexible cross-curricular approaches, linked to EYFS subjects and topics
  • Montessori & Forest School focus
  • Learn new skills, improve your practice and keep current in the world of Early Years.
  • Feel completely supported with our MOE team always available to help and guide you with any issues you may have.

Did you know…Lessons learnt outdoors, whether maths, science or language, often stay with us for life. Being outdoors helps children focus, boosts creativity and imagination and can simply be more fun.

Children who have the freedom to play today — making friends, getting lost in the moment, having fun — are better prepared for whatever tomorrow throws at them. Playing helps children build friendships, test their own boundaries and solve their own problems. It’s central to a child’s development and their enjoyment of childhood.

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MOE learning aids & lesson plans

Learning is most effective when it's fun. Our learning equipment and learning aids help to develop life skills, positive mind-sets, improve well-being and encourage self-belief in both indoor and outdoor settings. Why not give one a go?  Try our lesson plans for free below.

Our aims with

MOE Education

Create lifelong motivated learners.

Share our passion for outdoor education.

Help early year professionals and parents to save time on lesson and play planning.

Create a community of support and professional development in Early Years.

Enrich children’s mental health with outdoor learning helping children and adults alike build lasting outdoor memories.
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