Engage, Inspire and Develop with MOE Training

The Woodland Ministry of Outdoor Education is proud to announce that we will soon be offering a host of expert training and learning experiences for professionals and parents looking to increase their knowledge of delivering outdoor education aimed at Early Years and Key Stage Levels. Our main focus is to help you create learning environments that educate, engage and inspire.

Each of our training plans allows the participant to develop new skills and confidence to deliver different areas of learning in the great outdoors. Our mentors will show you how to extend learning to engage children into natural discovery and advanced education.

Our MOE Training experts will offer professional development webinars, online videos, training plans, workshops and seminars. At the end of each course a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Please post your interest for the upcoming training events for Early Years.

The benefits

Help you create learning environments that educate, engage and inspire

Learn new skills, improve your practice and keep current in the world of Early Years

Access to the latest professional development training

Curriculum linked activities and ideas

Gain the necessary skills to enable you to confidently run outdoor learning sessions

Training as and when you want it

Feel completely supported with our MOE team always available to help and guide you with any issues you may have

Workshop Duration: 40 minutes

Develop communication and learning in the outdoors

An introduction to delivering education outside

An introduction to Forest school activities for Early Years

Maths in the Great Outdoors

Listening to you

We are a small, friendly and flexible team and we love what we do! It isn’t just children who learn best when they are having fun; we do too. We enjoy learning from our customers, so if you have an idea or some feedback, give us a call – we’d love to talk to you!

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