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The advantages to choosing wooden resources for pre-schoolers

Posted by Michael MOE, 23 February, 2022

When it comes to picking the right resources for pre-schoolers it can be quite the minefield, but one thing we do know here at MOE is that WOOD is the way to go when it comes to resources that tick all the boxes for the right reasons. Here are 6 of those reasons to kickstart your learning through play shopping quest when it comes to why you should be choosing wooden resources for your little ones…

Wooden resources are sustainable

It goes without saying that by using a natural resource like wood – a renewable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly option – you’re doing your bit for the environment. The timber we use here at MOE is FSC accredited which ensures that it is harvested only from sustainable sources. It’s never too early to teach children about the environment, so starting that lesson by using toys, furniture and learning resources made using products that Mother Earth would approve of is a no-brainer.

Wooden resources are a direct connection to the natural world

Forget dubious paint-covered plastic, wooden resources are ideal for helping little ones make a direct connection with the natural world. We love getting outdoors with our own kids and rummaging for natural resources for play and craft opportunities is always an activity winner. By using the same sort of natural materials to make wooden play and learning resources with, we’re also extending that awareness of the natural world into your homes and classrooms.

You know what you’re getting with wooden resources

The production of wooden EYFS-resources, puzzles, games and toys, particularly when handcrafted with materials sustainably sourced and certified like they are at MOE, are vastly different in quality and creation to mass-produced plastic toys. Factory-created plastic products not only run the risk of containing shady chemicals and faulty parts, but also offer very little in the way of future re-cycling or renewability prospects. All our wooden resources, from our Small World Play products to our all-singing, all-dancing Climbing Frames, are individually made in our workshop to be safe, sustainable and, of course, fun.

Wooden resources are way more likely to withstand less-than-gentle usage

Let’s be honest, kids’ toys and products are generally subjected to quite the bashing from their little owners, so by creating wooden resources that are durable and long-lasting, rough treatment isn’t going to see these products wind up in the bin within 5 minutes of purchase. Fact: plastic toys are easily broken. Wooden ones? Not so much. By investing in wooden items instead of plastic ones for your child, you’re also getting more ‘cost per use’ out of it too because wooden toys will last for years. Wooden resources are also designed to withstand not just any child, but any kind of weather too!

Wooden resources fire up the imagination

Kids, we think, grow up so much faster these days and the advance of technology and easy access to screens means that imaginative play is sometimes lost and replaced by manufactured noise and play. Wooden resources on the other hand offer children a blank slate that requires no battery or charger, but instead a large dose of imagination to fire it up with. Whether it’s a mud kitchen, a wooden pirate ship, a handcrafted farm set or a timber easel, simplicity is so often the way forward when it comes to good old-fashioned learning through play adventures.

Wooden resources create a calming space

Fact: using wooden resources when it comes to kitting out your classrooms or learning spaces creates a calming space that aids concentration. Teaching, learning and playing in a natural inspired environment with natural sourced lighting help to put minds and bodies at ease, with less mental effort being expended from harsh lighting, metals, steel and plastic furniture and objects.

Ready to start swapping the plastic for wood and the whirring lights for imagination? Then take a look at our hot-off-the-press Digital Flip Book and start adding to basket. Need some advice on the best wooden resources for your home, garden, nursery, child minding business or pre-school? Then our friendly team are always happy to hear from you and to answer and questions or even get the ball rolling on bespoke product ideas you have in mind. Give us a call today on  01277 297 001 or pop us an email at [email protected]!


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